Brass Lovelies

This past spring, I took a jewellery course at the Harbourfront Centre here in Toronto. I've taken their craft courses before and have always found them to be informative and fun. This one, Introduction to Jewellery, was way more involved than I thought it was going to be (there is some serious machinery needed for jewellery making!) and I was thrilled to have had the experience.

Both of my projects were made in brass. The ring was a flat band that I pounded, soldered into shape and polished the heck out of it. I made the cuff first out of molding wax and had it sent off for casting. Once that piece came back, I filed it and polished it.

It was awesome to work on something, creating it out of such seemingly hard materials and shaping it to suit. My instructor Heather Rathbun was also pretty awesome - check out her work here.


  1. Wow. I can't believe those are pieces from an intro to jewellery course. So pretty.

  2. LOVE the text inside that ring. So very stunning.

    xo em

  3. Those are so pretty! Saw your comment on Simple Lovely and had to check out your work. You should keep it up!


  4. these pieces are AMAZING...oh man i hope i can turn out something like these after my class!


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