Darling Adventures

Tonight, after a full day of work, I went to a class. It's an intro to Illustrator/Photoshop and I am so excited to start learning the crafts so many people can manipulate so well, but that's not the story.
This is the story:
 I left the class, walked to my bike and proceeded to stub my toe, on the pavement no less. This is not anything interesting or even rare. It happens to me regularly. I cut my hand earlier today. On the rivet of my jeans. I've broken a toe because I kicked it while reading a magazine on vacation. I am totally inclined to hit myself, trip over myself and hurt myself anywhere that I can. By the time I got home, my toe was bleeding and throbbing and a bad mood had poured over me. But before it could go anywhere, my husband cleaned me up and put a pillow under my battered foot.  He's sweet. He makes me smile and I a thousand times better when he hugs me.

These images were taken at my lovely's last show (he's a singer/songwriter) .
I took them with my new camera. A gift from my partner in crime!

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