Paper Cut Preliminaries

So as I mentioned before, I signed up for a Paper Cutting Workshop at The Paper Place. It happened last night and I had tons of fun. Our instructor, Nick Rubi, was all kinds of sweet and he got us working right away. He talked a lot about his process, namely how he likes to do some quick sketches and then translate them to paper cuts. He was pretty organic in his teaching style and very enthusiastic about us challenging ourselves. He was even kind enough to let us keep cutting past the end of the designated time. I really had a wonderful time. Paper cutting is incredibly involved and you get really into it really fast. It was nice to focus on such a delicate task for however long it would take to complete. Here's some of the treats from the workshop!

3D penguins made by instructor, Nick Rubi

My own little hearts. My husband says they look like flies.

These are two of the cards we started with. I haven't decide who I will mail them to...

I traced this from this beautiful that had all these black and white images of flowers and plants.

This is the end product! I'm pretty happy with it. SO happy I decided it gets to hang out with the hand-woven flower from Peru, given to me by my darling friend Camille.