Baking Success

Photo-journey of the Guinness cupcakes based on this post. If you think that's a lot of butter... you don't want me to tell you how much sugar is in this recipe. The cupcakes were wonderfully moist and the cream cheese frosting was pretty freaking delicious. The recipe was enough for twenty-four cupcakes, more than enough for Thanksgiving dessert and even some left over to send to work with my husband. How wife-y of me!


Amy said...

A) these photos are amazing and
B) you are such a better baker than me! I'm gonna have to pick up some wifey tips from you before I take that step :)

escapade said...

I've been so curious to try this recipe.
I want one!

Suite Henry said...

The recipe is so step-intensive... things have to be added pretty carefully, most of the dry ingredients are "sifted" in. I gave myself lots of time and had the ability to do it all carefully.
They really did turn out quite nice though!