Codeine is Not your Friend. But Henry is!

Having your wisdom teeth pulled is not fun. And the stuff they prescribe is even worst. I'm not sure if it was the anaesthetic or the codeine, or the combination of both, but yesterday was a dizzy, heavy, nauseous experience I do not want to relive. I made a decision to forgo the narcotics and spent all night trying to sleep through the pain. I woke up this morning, starving, and will some energy to show and go down the street for some Motrin.
Why do they give you crazy drugs when lesser ones will do? With the pain subsided and no nausea, I can focus on eating... something then will help the recovery as opposed to the vomiting.... which I am sure did nothing but aggravate the four holes in my mouth. 

Here's an image of the lovely Henry. 
Henry's care for me includes lying on my face, taking naps with me, and giving me kisses. He also joins me in my showering routine. Here he is in our bathroom looking as weird as the codeine made me feel. 
He's my sweetheart!

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