Good Food, Good Thanks

We're in the middle of Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I thought I'd post a coupe of pictures of our Thursday lunch at a food truck since the rest of the internet will surely be flooded with turkey dinners and warm tones. The food we had at Don Juan's was very greasy, salty, indulgence food and we enjoyed it thoroughly. I also really liked the signage and the font and well... the motto.
I am thankful for my handsome husband, my wonderful family, my cats, Lola ( a Jack that lives with my parents), my good friends, my inspiring friends, magazines, food, Ensure, dental insurance, blogs, books, ice cream, candy, paper, baking, emails, junk food, digital cameras, newsboy caps, jackets, sunshine, clean laundry, dirty jokes,  hand-picked apples, vhs and driving lessons.

It's a nice life!

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escapade said...

Thankful for you!