Sugarholic Love

Hello, my name is MFM. And I am a sugarholic.

I had to pass this image on, because when I found it on Rummey Bears, the blog's author, Anna, tagged the picture with the same sweet confession.
I am still very sore from my operation and have been eating a lot of liquid foods, soft pastas and small pieces of bread. I have, however, been missing my usual staples of everything chocolate and sweet. I love pastries, candies, cakes... anything baked, sugary and lovely. My husband indulges me. He'll often order dessert just so I can try two different options and this one time, he let me order three desserts! Threeeee! It was one of the best nights of my life. He's not that big on the sugar, except for the candy department... but he sure lets me have my habit.
So today, when I am not feeling great, let's pay some respect to everything ELSE I'd like to eat.
Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.

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