Saturday was so great, I didn't want it to end. 
As I have posted before, I attended a Silkscreen Printing/Letterpress Workshop run through The Paper Place at the store, Bookhou, located on Dundas Street West here in Toronto. Bookhou is the lovechild of artists Arounna and John. Both are trained in Fine Arts. Arounna is a wonderfully warm woman, who from what I gathered over six hours of chit chat, spends a ton of time printing, dyeing, sewing and designing her craft. Her husband John is a painter-architect-furniture-maker. They spend the rest of time loving their two adorable children. 
Their whole aesthetic is simple but excellently executed organic design. They do everything from art to felt coasters to stools to business cards. I had the pleasure and the honour to work with the pair all day Saturday. They were patient and excited to see what we could do and I came home with a ton of really lovely stationery. Of course!

The above two images were snapped during the workshop on Saturday and the rest of the images are from Arounna's daily blog, found here
You can shop bookhou here.

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arounna said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time
thanks so much for the kind words

keep in touch-I'm interested in how Suite Henry will progress.