Tiny Book. Big Advice.

"Art is a hard mistress, and there is no art quite so hard as that of being a wife."

One of my beautiful friends recently gifted me with this lovely little book.
She knows I have a penchant for vintage-y things and how much I love to read about culture and etiquette. I'm two thirds of the way through Emily Post's tome! My friend also knows that I am a new wife. Published in 1913 and written by Blanche Ebbutt, Don'ts For Wives is filled with tid-bits and advice for how to be the best wife you can be. Some of the teachings are a little dated (it was 1913 afterall) but some of the messages have no expiry date.
My favourite?
"Don't nag your husband. if he won't carry out your wishes for love of you, he certainly won't  because you nag him." It's true! (Even if my inner nag tells me otherwise)
 And it's advice not exclusive for a wife.
A husband would do well to follow it too...  as far as I am concerned ;)

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