City in Colour: Patrick Fisher Glass & Photography + City of Craft Art Show

As I am a humble little blog, rather green at this whole thing, it's always such a pleasure when reader leave comments. For one, it is always nice to think there is someone reading you and on the other hand it can be quite the compliment that somebody will take time to leave you a message.

Patrick Fisher left me a message a little while ago and when I clicked on his profile I was completely blown away (all pun intended since he's a glass artist!) by his work. A very special artist indeed!
I was instantly drawn to his colour choices and the simply strong sense of shapes.
But I cannot decide what I like most... the gorgeous amber transparent art glass or the milky ones!

Patrick gave me the heads up that he will be participating at the City of Craft show this weekend in Toronto, so if you are around check it out!
Here are the Details:

Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm
$2 Admission

The Theatre Centre
1087 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

All images are courtesy of Patrick Fisher. Check out his website for more fantastic glass pieces & some photography too! 

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Jenny Morris said...

Hey! great post! I actually got that sea-foam glass bowl from Patrick Fisher. Did you go to city of craft? I just did a post about it on my blog :)