Eating better can be... Pretty?

I know, I know. Everyone wants to eat better in the new year.
Around here we haven't committed to anything too drastic. No crazy diets. No cleanses. 
We are going to start making an effort to buy more organic and less-processed items.
I am, however, being tempted to do a complete overhaul because of the lovely Cannelle et Vanille.
The author, Ms. Aran, develops the entirely gluten-free recipes, styles and shoots the food.
The result is delicious and tempting images that really put healthy eating into a very pretty perspective.

Click here for the images above and the recipes for the Greens & Roasted Beet Salad.


simone leblanc said...

oh, yes! So gorgeous!

escapade said...

That beet salad looks amazing! I vote we plan little work lunch potlucks/shares to inspire healthier yummier eating :) ?