Living with Music

I live with a musician.
For the most part, it's wonderful.
It's given me opportunities to listen to albums I would've never picked up.
There's always something on. There are classic songs. There are new bands.
There are tapes and cds and records. .
Our home is coloured with them. Endless choices.
There are also times that I wish I could get to the books in the hall without having to climb three guitar cases. There are times when I wish the records weren't a storage nightmare. I wish I didn't stub my toes on pedals or amps or other electronic things that I don't know the names of.

But then again, how many times do you get to have personal singing lessons, in your living room, with some wine, in the dark? I do. I get to watch someone be so honestly passionate about their art. I get to be a part of it even if what I really want is an excuse to sing along to The Chain.
I also get to stumble on inspiring little things like great album covers (see above). I found it while we were painting the living room and it shot out at me with its electric colours, interesting type and... that face!

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Heart Charlie said...

That's amazing, you must have the best music collection ;)