Little Red

A little while ago, I went on a search for an address book.
I wanted something small enough that I could throw in my bag but durable enough to not fall apart after repeated use. I found this little guy. The red linen is pretty nice and the size is just right. I was excited to find it and then promptly made a mistake with my first entry. I put my friend "A" under "A" instead of under "M" as her surname would dictate. I got it right for everyone else but I had to keep reminding myself... "last names first"... Isn't that pathetic? And what to be done about doctor contacts? Do you put them under their last name or under "D" for doctors?
Oh the problems!


KERRY said...

Oh my goodness, I am totally with you on the how to file people problems. My address book is all over the place...some filed under first names, some last...and then you have doctors, dentists, electricians...endless problems! Good luck! Nice little book though...makes me tempted to just buy a new one and re-file with a better system :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I usually go with frist names or if its a doctor, I put them all under D:) Such a pretty colour of this address book:) Happy valentine's day,sweetie