Blast from the Past

I found this vintage address book in an overcrowded store in the east end of town.
I picked it up for one of my friends who loves all-things-old.
It was mainly unused, with only a few addresses throughout.
After closer inspection I saw that the entries dated back to before there were postal codes in Toronto.
Then we found an address that looked like a military address in France.
It read, "Capt. Harold Orr."
My friend sent me this link later that night.
It talks about a man named Harold Orr, his family, his love of skating and even how he taught his "little dog to sit on a chair with spectacles on and a pipe in his mouth."

I have no idea if this is the same man but I am fascinated either way.
It was kind of crazy to hold something so personal and ordinary to someone from what now seems like a completely different world.


Diana Mieczan said...

I love pieces like that and I always wonder about the story behind:) Fantastic find, darling
Happy Tuesday

Julie said...

How interesting, that is something I would also buy...something about looking into the past or someone else's past that's so intriguing! Great find!

Appointment Setters said...

Hey, this is Daniel. Just stumbled upon your blog and thought to say hello. I can understand why you are fascinated. Because, it happens to me that, when I get such old stuffs, it makes me relive history !

amanda jane said...

great find! and great idea about the remote in the pocket by the way...:)

Deirdre said...

I, the happy recipient, love this thing. There are a lot of military addresses in it, I am wondering if this book went with its owner overseas and came back.