Favourite Post from a Favourite - Escapade!

Okay, so yesterday I tweeted that I was going to shoot some new prints I had made... And then I didn't.The day was all rainy and no natural light plus I had morning errands and well, you know how it goes. So I will try to share them this weekend but in the meantime... I am rather excited that my darling and I have decided to move next month. We're trying to find more space and actual closets. Here's hoping we can find something cute!
Naturally, this means I am now day dreaming - intense daydreaming - about lovely places that I will not move into. The images above are from a favorite lady, Ms. M of Escapade. Ever since I saw this post, I have had it burned in my mind. I have a serious crush on everything in this loft! Especially how relaxed the family looks in their superglam space. It's nice to think one can still have a beautiful apartment even with babes!
Oh and that gorgeous, goregous, gorgeous couch.


escapade said...

Thank you so much Lovely!

This loft is definitely an all time favourite of mine and that sofa definitely sets the tone for the whole space.

I think this is your sofa. Get it!

Aron said...

I have a feeling their bathroom has twice as much space as my whole apartment--though at 500sq feet, that is not hard. Its going to be crazy when our baby is born!