Throw It Together

The last few days have been filled with simple pleasures. 
I baked some bran muffins and got a little creative. I added cranberries, slivered almonds and chocolate chips. I think that spruced things up real nice!
I also finally got around to getting a manicure. 
I NEVER get manicures because my nails are always in such a shabby state. They flake/peel/snag/break so I never want to spend any time (or money, for that matter) on them. I decided to get them done and see if this helps me maintain them. I picked a light purple tone - another thing I never do! And I am still getting used to them. Don't know if the colour itself is throwing me off or if it's just the fact that I am not accustomed to any colour on my hands. I was slightly disappointed in the colour selection at the salon - tons of terrible tacky shades to go around but few gems. I wish they had stocked the Essie polish above. It's pretty dreamy and the kind of coral that is cute and flattering.


escapade said...

Essie = best nail polish ever.

PS they have it at Shoppers Drug Mart now...

Sarah Klassen said...

Essie is amazing! Agreed... I am really liking warm nudes right now, too, for nails :)