Daily Snippets

I have been doing a lot of walking around the city lately and it's been just wonderful to not have to wear winter boots or winter coats. Both are too heavy, too hot for running errands and rather lacking in the style department. I have been pretty happy to pull out the above items.

1. Newsboy cap - borrowed years ago from my friend D. She's the one with the wonderful umbrella. I am sure I tried to give it back (months after I first borrowed it) but she let me keep it. She did not, however, let me keep her copy of Miss Manners' Guide to Rearing Perfect Children. That was asked for promptly because Miss Manners is just too funny to lose. 
On a side note, D, I found a copy of Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn of the Millennium
You can borrow it sometime.

2. Butter-Like Leather - My mother bought this jacket for me a couple of years ago and it's been looking better and better. I never understood how weather appropriate leather can be. It's light but warm and works well with layering. It also makes you feel slightly more put together when you are running errands all across town.

3. Metallic Booties - These have been nicknamed "moonboots" around here. I get it. They are super shiny silver/pewter. They look ridiculously bright in the sun and are cut right at the ankle. I bought them because they were brand-new at a vintage store and made-in-Italy but to be honest I wasn't quite sure if I could pull them off. I've been wearing them non-stop now and they actually match a lot of my clothing. Weird. 

4. Chevron Quilted Jacket - This was a thrift store find. Loved the black and white. How many times do you see that on a jacket? The fit is a little boxy and probably doesn't fit me as well as it could but it's boxy enough that I can wear a sweater and blazer underneath it, which is sometimes a necessity when the weather s schizophrenic outside. The sleeves are 3/4 length which makes it a bit more fresh. 
Oh and the buttons are weird. It's all a little weird.

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