Daybed Dreams

I spent the whole day yesterday unpacking.
Seriously. I blasted three albums worth of White Stripes and three more worth of The Smiths. And I'll admit I listened to some of the records a few times over because I was so caught up with unpacking that I forgot to change to the next album. 
But I did it. 

Now my brain is beginning to mentally "tweek" our new place. 
We've got a weird little corner in the living room that I think would be perfect for a little extra seating.It's not quite workable with chairs but I think if I could figure out some way to build or configure a bench around the corner, it could become a really sweet seating area. Tons of pillows and it'd be nice for having friends over.

So this morning I headed over to Emmas designblogg and found so many examples of what I've got locked up in my head. 

Isn't it great when that happens?

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Punctuation Mark said...

great images!!! i love that kitchen!