Good Bye Long Weekend...

... Hello work week.
It has been a very nice couple of days. Well, actually it's been rather interesting. We had a small get-together on Saturday evening - some friends for a warming of the new apartment - it was so good to be chatting until the wee hours. Yesterday, the husband and I drove out of town and ended up on a nature conservation. I fell in love with a horse who fell in love with me because I kept feeding him grass despite all the signs against that sort of behaviour. I was without a camera and regretted, especially since we saw some pretty evil looking hawks!
Today we had the intention of driving out of town again, basking in the weird weather and camera in tow, but our plans were foiled due to car troubles. It's a drag but we didn't let it wreck our nice day.

This lovely card from Rifle and Co. at the National Stationery Show is just what I need to kick off a new week.  

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