Bicycle Envy

I am feeling super tired. Have been up every day this week at six in the morning (I know it's only Tuesday but I'm already worn out) and for some reason the one image that has stuck out, from all the different blogs I scour on my phone has been this one above. 
I'm in major bicycle envy territory here people.
Aren't you?
Isn't it beautiful?
My own bike is broken. 
I was terrible to it this winter, leaving it outside to rust and decay. 
And of course because it's out of commission, I now feel like I need to ride it everyday, even though it's has been way too humid for me to even conceive of sweating on my bike across the city.
As for the lovely bike above, it belongs to the equally lovely Sandi from For Design's Sake and to be completely honest, I messaged her just yesterday to say "I'm jealous of your bike."

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for design's sake {sandi} said...

oh my goodness!!! I JUST saw this post :) You are too sweet my dear. I hope your bike gets fixed soon :) It's beautiful weather this week!! xoxo