Cats and Such

Spotted this cat tee over at Kerry's blog
Not sure I would wear it but I'm thinking I'd love to have it hanging somewhere, almost like a little piece of art. But my immediate need to blog about it as soon as I saw it makes me think  worry that I may have a problem. I might be turning into a crazy cat lady. I feel somewhat okay about this because I happened to be married to a crazy cat guy. In fact, I didn't even like cats before I met him. He converted me. I had been a dog person my whole life. I grew up with several huskies and they really became a part of the family - my father was so torn about the passing of our last dog, he actually went through a real deep mourning period that culminated in him spending a lot of money making commemorative dog mugs - but that's a story for another day. I have learned that once you really watch cats, how they behave and move, you really do understand how complex they are as creatures. Yes, they sleep a lot and can be quite finicky about affection and their personal space and no they don't need your constant approval the way dogs do, but when you watch them attack a tissue as if they're out in the jungle or jump off a bookcase and land silently, you cannot help but be fascinated.

My crazy-cat lady epiphany came when we went grocery shopping two weeks ago. On our way out we saw a notice for "Free Kittens" a few doors down and just couldn't resist. 
We already have two adult males and now there's a teeny tiny kitten named Arthur (pictured  last). So now we are outnumbered by cats. And that's a slippery slope, isn't it?

Tee from Leah Goren.


Ella said...

that cat tee is absolutely wonderful! i really need that in my life!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

a slippery slope indeed. especially when the kitties are that cute.

cambie design said...

Oh Artie!

theappletea said...

this blouse is terrific!!!