Jean Paul Gaultier

While in Montréal, I had the pleasure of catching the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. It was the last weekend of the show and I was completely blown away by the beauty, the art and the work. There's nothing quite like looking at couture up and close - seriously, one of the pieces had taken 1060 hrs to make. 
It was amazing to spend some time inside the head of a designer I have always admired. And the exhibit was really well-rounded and showcased his full career, though it was probably heavy on the couture creations. 
The whole exhibition was super cool - especially the talking mannequins (seriously, they used projectors to give the faces actual features and had some blowing kisses, singing and two were even arguing with each other). 

We went with my parents-in-law and I first I was feeling a little bit nervous about dragging them to something I thought only I would enjoy but I actually think my mother-in-law liked it better than any of us. She sews and whereas I can't even imagine how you begin to plan those kinds of couture gowns - she knows exactly how much work goes in so it was an even bigger "that dress is crazy" moment for her.


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JP = always so fearless and daring (+ sexy!)