Super Cool (Horoscope!) Year Ahead

I found the above on a blog trip the other night and was thrilled to see how interesting the styling was for each of the horoscope signs. Mine - taurus - is featured above and it's a good one! Seriously, the whole horoscope is telling me what a monumental, love-filled and amazing year it's going to be. I didn't really need it to state the obvious, considering we're deep into our marriage and expecting a new family member, but it was sure fun to read how great everything is looking. Here's to a new year of adventure?

I will always have a special place in my heart for astrology (cheesy, I know!). I don't take it seriously or live my life by it, but I've always found it to be kind of fascinating. I remember reading pages and pages of books on all the signs. It's sort of always been a guilty pleasure for me and much to Chris' chagrin, old habits die hard.

2012 Horoscopes in RUSSH Magazine.
Spotted here because of Fieldguided.

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