Coveting: Covet Garden + Nikole Herriott

The latest Covet Garden magazine turned up in my inbox the other day and the entire issue is focused around Nikole Herriott of Herriott Grace. They've captured her beautiful apartment and wonderful sense of style in a way that is both fresh and true to Nikole's design aesthetic.

It reminded me of how beautiful the Herriott Grace shop is (even though most items are usually understandably sold out!). I always feel like I fail at keeping things simple and elegant and Nikole always manages to do it with a slightly rustic touch that is truly individual.

1. Covet Garden cover shot by Michael Graydon
2-4. Product shots from Herriott Grace by Nikole Herriot

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onesilentwinter said...

how inspiring she is thank you for posting this. what a beautiful blog.