Written Work: Vive Magazine

I've been so caught up in babyland that I failed to mention my latest published work - a piece for the online fashion magazine Vive.
Check out the newest issue Vive Magazine to read my piece entitled "Pursuit of Perfection: Separate the good stress from the bad." Find it on pages 22-23!

I had such a blast putting this piece together (it includes some pointers on how to deal with mounting stresses, professional goals and those nagging voices in your head) because I know, firsthand, how difficult it can be to feel like you've got a handle on everything.
I am my own worst critic and can let my feelings of inadequacy rob me of precious sleep and leave me with nothing but anxiety. I've been struggling for the past two years to figure out where I want to go professionally and how to combine creativity with, ahem, a viable job. I've been taking classes, my end goal has changed a few times and I've come back to one of the things I thought I had stepped away from but can't escape: my need to write.
Oh and somewhere in there I got married and decided that a family was going to happen alongside everything else.

It's hard. We have a stricter budget now that I am on maternity leave so balancing that has been tricky. And while I've got all these ideas in my head for new things, my baby boy is such a huge priority right now. He deserves all of me. He's so small at just nine weeks (even though he is chunking up - almost thirteen pounds!). I am tying to keep a handle on this new motherhood thing and balance it with that person inside me that still wants creative challenges around. I don't think it's one or the other - being a mother has made me value time so much more so when I do manage to sit down to work (which doesn't happen as often as I like) I am at least, way more efficient about it since it is precious time away from my little man. 

I hope to keep the energy going because I do have some plans!
New articles I want to write, stories that need to get told, even some ideas for some original prints - all lingering in my head somewhere.

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