New Magazine?! How Wonderful!

Put anything in magazine form and you've got me hooked. I have, for years, much to the bewilderment of family around me, spent countless hours reading and rereading magazines. It was primarily fashion at first (I was a teenage girl once, you know) but now I'll pick up lots of different kinds. I'm getting into more design magazines and there's one on photography in my purse right now!
I am always super-excited to find a new magazine, and when they're well-done? Well, pffft! That's even better. Please direct your attention now to the lovely images from Anthology magazine from  Anh-Minh Le and Meg Mateo Ilasco. It is a lifestyle, culture and design magazine and their first issue looks wonderful. (You can sneek-peek some more images when you click the title link above).
Thank you Design*Sponge for enabling my habit!

Looks pretty inspiring, eh?

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