Some Warmth from Finland

The days here in Toronto have been a little schizophrenic lately. We had a ton of rain earlier in the week and Tuesday poured, then turned to bright sunny skies, only to pour some more. The seasons are changing, no doubt about it. In the midst of it all, I find myself craving some white hot chocolate and a lot of layers.
Right now, I will settle for some gorgeous photography from Via Liivia, a Finnish blog that I cannot read because it is, well in Finnish. The pictures are pretty freaking lovely though. Very hinterland wonderland. They make me want to escape to a cottage and knit things. Hmmmm.... I have no cottage. I cannot knit. So I guess I am just stuck here with two very lazy cats.

Found through Marvelous Kiddo, who had the same, love-it-cannot-read-it experience.

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