To Bang or Not to Bang

I have a lot of very wavy hair. It's pretty long. I've never dyed it. Never done anything drastic with it. And for all of my huffing and puffing about how bored I am with it, I never get the courage up to actually get a cool haircut. So I have been contemplating bangs. It seems like an easy way to change without actually changing. But then the questions start... do I have to DO my hair more often? Will the bangs behave? Bangs can be rebellious, you know. These images from photographer Laura Gommans seem like a good idea. Like a very good idea!

Thanks to See Hear Say for the inspiration!


Camille said...

Go for it!!! ;)

Amy said...

I've been thinking about going back to bangs too! I love looking back at photos of me with bangs... but remember feeling frustrated at the time (I have a cowlick at the front of my hairline that always parts the bangs into two sides... annoying). The good thing is that they actually grow out really fast (you have to re-cut them all the time if you love them!) so if you hate it then it's not for long :) I bet you'd look mega sexy with bangs... well you do anyway, but it'd be fun to see it!

Suite Henry said...

I know! I'm having all the same thoughts! Bangs are sexy!