Acid Feelings

I love to shop but I am prone to buyer's remorse. 
Not because I regret the item but often because I wish things didn't cost actual money. Wouldn't that be nice? 

I picked up a few things on sale yesterday and then had to deal with my guilt even before the drive home was over. My husband was pretty nice about the whole thing and he tried to remind me that it is okay to spend a little on yourself every once in a while. I really hadn't gotten anything new in a long time and committed myself to ACTUALLY sorting out my clothing. I will be donating stuff I do not wear anymore and threw out a couple of jeans that were in terrible condition. Things are tidy and it was rather cathartic to flush it all out.

On that note, please enjoy the images from Proenza Schouler, Spring-Summer 2011, and see if you can resist how much these photos make you want to shop ;)


A. Morgan said...

I love it for spring. xx

Suite Henry said...

I know!
It's all so chic and fresh!

Suite Henry said...
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