A Charming Idea

I have found myself delving into more and more design blogs and magazines. And it's a welcomed habit. I was never really exposed to "great interior design." My parents never cared about things like that and my mother was never into changing up the living room or anything like that like I've heard from some of my friends. One year when my sister and I returned from a summer vacation in Nicaragua, my parents had decided to paint our bedroom peach. Almost neon peach if you can imagine it. The bedding was red/orange/gold. It was a surprise to say the least and the only real time any decorating was done. We eventually covered it all up with pages from teen magazines but that's another story for another day.

I love this idea of a tee-pee for a child's room.
Children are eternal fort-builders and escape artists, so why not beat them to the punch and give them a place they can hide away and work on their imagination? I think it's sweet and charming.

Images from The Boo and the Boy.
I came across this blog the other day and was incredibly touched by the author's style and openness. 
Julia loves her two kids, loves interior design and loves her husband, who's ongoing treatment for a brain tumor is chronicled honestly right there for the whole internet to see. I was impressed to say the least.


escapade said...

Love these - the top one with the star print is my favourite!

Suite Henry said...

I know! I feel like every kid would love one. Kids are always building forts out of cardboard boxes... this is so much nicer!