Food for Thought. Or Not.

I might be getting addicted to mush food.
Dental surgery will do that to you.

I'm drinking another Ensure as I type and my darling husband makes some homemade guacamole. He made it last night and I requested it again. We're taking it to a friend's house. It's our payment for her letting us watch the latest episode of our new favourite show.

I never eat guacamole. My friends all love it but I never seem to be in the mood for it. Is it the Latina in me rebelling against the expected? Is that even true? I don't even think all Latins eat guacamole, maybe it's just Mexicans. Am I wrong about this or did I just do the stereotypical thing people do when they stereotype Mexicans? I mean Latins...

The point is, the guacamole is good enough I wanted two nights in a row.

Photo credit - here.

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