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For all the time that I spend on my email, on my computer, on the internet, on this blog... I will never be able to use online or electronic calendars or notepads. I've tried. It's not me. It's too much work. I never remember to keep them updated and all the extra highlights and buttons that are supposed to make electronic calendars better, end up making the process annoying and in no way more convenient.
I will, however, always carry around my black Moleskines. I have my weekly planner that has the week laid out on the left and a full page of notepaper on the right. It lets me map out my week and add in all the stuff that I need as the days go by. I also carry a simple black thin notebook also from Moleskine that is now more scribbles than anything. It holds random notes, references and bits of inspiration. It also has a two-year old hand-sketched drawing of downtown Hamilton, done by my good friend Dee. She even took the time to draw the hobos in the main park. 
I think I will always use proper planners. I find they keep me organized because of their tangibility. I use them. Write in them. Stuff them with ticket stubs and doctor's cards. Moleskines are great because their covers last and they have an inside pocket for all your junk. Plus, there is something old-world yet sleek about them. Check out this article about how Moleskine banked on the idea that people would not give up on paper and their company is all the stronger for it. The link is also where you can find the above images of Moleskines as Art. Enjoy!

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