Too Cool to Find

So the night of the concert, we got off the subway at Spring Street and started walking. We had some time for food but not quite enough for a full sit down meal. We kept walking, past a few different places, not really being persuaded by anything in particular. We ended up in front of this seemingly unimportant corner restaurant, it's actually called THE CORNER or rather LA ESQUINA, since it's a Mexican take-out joint. It was packed with people, which is always a good thing for a restaurant except when you want to sit down. The were people lined up around the corner, eating outside on the windowsills.
We decided to stay since we were running out of time and patience. Went in, grabbed a menu and got distracted by two suit-wearing, decked-out body guards standing in front of a door. They made small talk with us because they thought my husband was someone else and as it turns out, LA ESQUINA is THE CORNER to be at! The door guys were manning the entrance to an ultra-hip-reservations-only private bar, in the basement of this crazy place. I don't even know if it has a separate name but we watched several people try to get in, only to be shut down cold.
Our unexpected turn that only got better when the food was up and we basked in its melted-cheese glory. It was a cheap, delicious and all around wacky experience that somehow felt very New York.

Above photos, original images of La Esquina's calling cards, which are much like the restaurant itself: Simple, cool and super Mexican.

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