Sexy Wrappings

I just got in from my third computer class. 
I spent half of it working on a blog logo I sketched last night.
I hope to get this little site revamped in the near future. Stay tuned.
I find it really relaxing to lose yourself on something purely mechanical 
- seriously, I just spent fifty minutes clicking lines around curves, correcting the curves, pulling points here and there - it was refreshing to forget about everything else and just WORK...

But then again, I was on a computer, with the internet, so during the break I went blog-diving. 
I found the incredible illustrated  gift wrap by Leslie Barns on Where The Lovely Things Are. How sleek, sexy and powerful! What even deserves to be wrapped in there?! Fantastic. 

Hmmm... that reminds me, I received a ridiculously cute gift today... I will share it soon. It's too awesome to keep to myself and also fantastic!

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