Halloween Evening Bliss

We've been fashionable zombies.
Tina and Ike.
This year we were French. 
Stereotypical baguette-carrying, beret-wearing, scarf-tying, moustache-sporting Frenchies. 
Luckily, we had a glamourous little spot to drop into.
We went way west to Parkdale and hung out with our lovely group at a newly renovated space that was filled with beautiful art and wonderful conversation. 
Happy Halloween indeed!


Amy said...

You look fabulous! Who are you guys, hanging out in berets on stained wood floors in art galleries? Way too cool for me. Also, on a style note, I love those lamps. Could do with some of those in my new place!

Suite Henry said...

It's actually my coworker's apartment. His huband is an art and he collects art glass. They've been renovating the space for months! I'll check if if I can locate the lamps...