Okay so my husband, who usually has a goatee plus sideburns did something the other night he never does. While getting ready for our halloween evening (photos to follow) he shaved everything but a moustache. It looks great on him. Everyone told him so. But he hates moustaches. He thinks they look a little forced... and he thinks that often the person sporting the moustache is more d-bag than cool guy. 

But everyone told him it looked good on him and then they proceeded to talk about Movember
Neither of us had heard of it and then all of a sudden everyone we knew was talking about it.
According to the above website, by growing a moustache, men can both alter their appearance and raise awareness about men's health, specifically prostate cancer. It started in Australia and has sparked a furry phenomenon all over, with lots of hair-raising fund-raising. Check out the Movember website link above for all the details!

The above image was found here, the products are from Australian retailer Rawspace. They will donate the proceeds from their Movember products to the Movember Foundation.

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