Polished Charm

It has been a bit of a crazy week. I always think to myself that our lives are pretty typical and that we don't do much of anything but I have to come to terms that we tend to be busy more often than not. Scheduling meeting with friends is like negotiating a peace treaty. Lots of back and forth. Laundry days get lost in the shuffle. The husband has been sick all week. Slowly getting worse before he gets better. I've been trying to keep at the crafts and do some reading... but it's all very tiring!
On a calmer note, here are some beautifully finished pieces from Herriott Grace.

Spotted here.


Cassandra Allen said...

that kitchen linen is sublime!

Suite Henry said...

I know!
I love how graphic it looks while still being so organic.

HEARBLACK. said...

herriot grace is amazing.
all the wood-work

p.s. my wife and I were visiting alberta, lethbridge area

are you guys in canada as well? which part?