A Lovely Christmas Protest

One more day of wrapping and we're off to my husband's family Christmas.
It has been a lovely little holiday season.
The husband and I exchanged our gifts last night. I know we jumped the gun but it was the only night we were going to be able to do it calmly. My darling got me some pretty clever gifts plus tickets to the ballet (!) which I had been wanting for over a year. I actually thought he was getting me tickets last year but then he went and got us engaged :)
I'll share some images of the gifts later.
This year has been super nice because we got all our shopping done in one go and stayed on budget while also getting things that I am really happy to give to everyone. I made some Christmas cards and sent them out and then like an idiot forgot to photograph them before we dropped them in the post.

So instead of Christmas cards, please enjoy this image from One Point Oh.
It's a pretty adorable idea and I just had to share it.

Happy Holidays to everyone!
It's been such a pleasure to have entered the blogosphere this year.
I'm excited for everything to come!

Found here.


Cassandra Allen said...

Merry Christmas, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, and all the best for 2011.

Suite Henry said...

Thanks Cassandra, stop by anytime :)

Erin said...

haha, this made me giggle! takes peace on earth to a whole new level. :)

hope yours was merry and happy 2011!