Christmas Things!

Some special things from Christmas.
The little box was filled with homemade shortbread from a special friend.
The rest of the images are of my new typewriter and Suite Henry stamps!
My husband sure knows how to make me happy. He's too clever and sneaky! I had hinted at the typewriter and actually almost bought a new one online but he found this beauty at a thrift store.
I loooove typewriters. Their sounds, their looks and the type they produce. This one is from the seventies apparently. The stamps completely surprised me. I could never have guessed he would think of getting me them. They're going to be so useful and fun!
Good times ahead! 


Sarah Klassen said...

how wonderful!

Just stopped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas* May it be filled with much love and joy... thank you so so much for all of your sweet comments -- they mean so much :)


Suite Henry said...

Thanks for visiting! And all the inspiration on your blog.

Best Wishes.

arounna said...

some nice gifts indeed
I love stamps and typewriters

have a wonderful new years

fen and ned said...

Lovely gifts! (Just found your blog via kerrys)
sarah x

escapade said...

Mr M definitely deserves extra credit for the stamp - such a perfect, thoughtful gift!