Swedes Do It Best.

I was having a conversation with a friend earlier today. We were discussing a package of tealights. The tealights are Canadian-made, with food-grade parrafin and cotton wicks. They burn for four to five hours. My thoughts were that they were pretty good. I mean, isn't four hours enough to ask from a tiny tealights? Apparently not.
My friend told me that you can get Swedish-made tealights that burn for, like, eight hours. 
Well, that really sounds exceptional doesn't it?
I laughed and said "Of course, they had to be Swedish!"
Is it just me or doesn't it seam like every time something is clever, well-designed and beautiful, it HAS to be Swedish? Are the Swedes really that much better at everything when it comes to design? I find this especially in the furniture world. 
Every time I find something I want to buy (but can't afford to) it's by a Swedish designer...
It's pretty impressive that Sweden has such a wonderful track-record.
Please see above for some more proof. 
These images by American-Swedish photographer Anne Moller... of what else? SWEDEN. 
I've got some serious nationalistic envy.

Find the beautiful prints here.


ola appletea said...

really great post and I really like the photos!

simone leblanc said...

Anne Moller's photos are stunning! So moody...love it.

Dreaming of Palm Trees said...

Swedes do DO it best. :)

Dreaming of Palm Trees

A Merry Mishap said...

Yep, it seems they just do everything well!