I have been a little all over the place this week. My apologies for the scattered posts!
One thing I did manage to do though, was shoot some of the letters I actually sat down and finished.
I always have great plans about sharing my letter-writing here but getting good images is a bit more complicated. For one, I am a novice with my camera, so sometimes I think I have it then when I pull up my images on my computer, they are not great. There's a lot of yellow in my kitchen - yellow walls and yellow-toned table - so if I don't have great lighting, specifically natural daylight, the images come out way too yellow. It's a lot of trial and error. The other thing that botches my photos of letter-writing is that sometimes I seal the letters up too soon!

So I hope you like the images. I shot two different letters, which I sent to two different ladies.
The first image shows the 16Sparrows stationery I purchased through one of my favourite blogs,
Letter Writers Alliance. It is, as you may have guessed, a blog dedicated to letter-writing and to everything related to letters like stamps, packaging and post offices.

I wrote both letters on my new typewriter.
Using the typewriter has been really lovely. It's type is slightly faded so the letters have a slightly old-fashioned look and I really like that it doesn't look like anything we see anymore. Even if you see type, it's rare to see typewriter type! My friend who received the letter from the first image has now requested that all my letters to her be typed. That makes me pretty happy as it just gives me another excuse to buy more pretty paper and send out more letters!
Writing on the typewriter is also an exercise in patience. It does not have corrector tape. So if I get too excited and start typing really fast, mistakes get made. I am forced to slow down, relax and think about everything I am going to write, every key I am going to push :)

Does anyone else like to sit and write letters?


Chris said...

I have written more than a few letters...

Jaime said...

YES! I love pulling out my typewriter and writing letters! Your letters are so pretty.