Through Heart Shaped Glasses

Sometimes you just need a little motivation.
I am not feeling great today. Our plans for our day off today was to paint the living room white (it's currently pink) and we're pretty done with it. So that's the plan but I am not feeling great today... so I am determined to change up my mood even if it's just through saying to myself that I want to feel more motivated. Plus, I have a phone date with a lovely friend that lives in England. I'm exciting to catch up with her... So I should start feeling better .... right ... about ... now... GO!

Inspiring fashion image found here.


Dreaming of Palm Trees said...

I love this inspiration photo. Fashion street photography always compels me to shop!

Dreaming of Palm Trees

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh, I hope you do! When I'm feeling a little off or down, I put on one of my all-time favorite movies, Pride & Prejudice. (the one with Colin Firth) Somehow, it always turns things around...

You bring so much joy to others, and I wanted to thank you especially for all of the kind comments that you leave on my blog -- they mean so much. Painting the room white sounds like a perfect re-fresher and great way to begin 2011. May this year be filled with wonderful new memories, ideas, moments and new friendships :)