Styling Your Style

One of the most difficult things I have found about blogging, and I am sure I am not alone, is the selection of what makes it to the blog and what doesn't. A lot of the blogs I love are great at this. From the first page you just "get" what the blog is about. Often blogs that a really defined in their styling are also rather specific in their subject matter. One will be all about interiors or mainly about fashion. I find it hard to narrow in because I have purposely intended on keeping my scope wide.
I want to be discovering a lot of different things about a lot of different things.
When I was debating about whether to make the leap into an active member of the blogosphere, a friend of mine told me to just start it and your style will follow.
I'm not sure if that has happened here yet although I have definitely noticed some patterns in what gets posted. I like my art graphic and bright. Usually on either end of a spectrum. Highly ethereal or super bold. Typography turns me on. Thin. Thick. Serifs. Scribbles. More of the graphic world.
But I also like craft. There's a deep longing inside me for crafty things. Hand-sewn. Put together. Natural. Printed. Altered.

So where does that leave Suite Henry?
This is the adventure, no?

I hope that people like what I like because I am excited about whatever does make it to the screen.
I was pretty thrilled to check out Fen and Ned. I found the above images on several pages of the blog and was drawn to the overall style and the inspiration. I love you internet.


Solid Frog said...

I agree it can be difficult sometimes, but just follow your style and what you get inspired by. Hope you're having a great start of 2011.

Julie-Inspired said...

I think it can be difficult, but also good to mix it up. I do. Whatever I'm in the mood for that day is what I post. I think it depends on the person, maybe I'm just not as organized as some people so maybe that's why I'm all over the place too?? Hahah...all is great if your happy! I think your site is perfect just the way it is! Thanks for stopping by mine.

Julie xo

fen and ned said...

Hi hun, I love your blog content (which is why I follow it!) I am reluctant to blog different things only because the blog is linked to my shop so I try not to confuse matters! But I don't want it to be just be about the shop so I throw in my other loves which are music and photography (though my daughter took the first two photos above) Thanks for that by the way!x
Do what makes you happy. I'd love a blog like yours, it's like a stylish magazine, it has all different, all interesting content and yours is a style that I lurve!
Sarah xxx

Diana Mieczan said...

I truly adore reading your posts and I think you are doing an amazing job!!! Btw: those images are breathtaking...Love them
Hugs and kisses

KERRY said...

Well I love the stuff you post! It's always fresh and original...and I can see that it is 'you.' My blog started off very much as just interiors (as that was what I was into), but things evolve, and to be honest, I'm not so interested in interiors these days...I still post stuff when I like something, but I've got more into taking pictures, and of course my illustration/shop...so they very much feature more so these days...along with etsy finds. I guess I'm just evolving naturally, rather than trying to have defined content. Anything goes if you want it I say! Its your blog and I like your style!