Interior Envy - Lizzie Janssen

I have been finding myself hooked to the Design*Sponge archives.
It's a good, quick way to get a dose of design and often the homes featured actually feel "attainable."
You know what I mean? I love elleDecor but some of the houses in there... well, there would have to be lottery winnings involved for me to even live in the bathroom.
Design*Sponge does a great job of featuring real homes 
- and great apartments too for us city dwellers.
The above images are from Lizzie Janssen's place in Philadelphia. 

My favorite things?
The black walls.
The vintage furniture.

Happy Friday People!

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Julie said...

I really love this space...and I really love the dark painted walls. Feels masculine but cozy! Hope you're having a great start to the week!