Sweet Inspirations

My husband is a musician. 
He loves music, makes music, analyzes music and must be in close proximity to music most of the time. I remember when we first started dating, I went to see one of his shows and he covered one of my favourite songs (smooth moves, eh?). It has been really great to be around someone who is so passionate about his craft. He constantly wants to get better, write more and just be able to perform. He's exposed me to a ton of music I never knew and I've learned a lot about subjects I would have never thought about before as he's also trained in theatre. He is the only person who has heard me/made me sing like I mean it, though I won't admit it. 
A couple of years ago he won a Singer/Songwriter competition at Maxwell's Music House and was asked back this year to serve as a judge. I thought to make him a few little business cards just in case he wanted to "network."
I picked up some printed paper - it looks almost like wood veneer, doesn't it? - and went at it with the typewriter. I like their simplicity and I think the paper added just enough interest. 
He liked them too!

Chris is playing tonight if anyone is in the Waterloo, Ontario area and I'm getting set to get spoiled with some live music. I'm very lucky sometimes!


Camille said...

These are so beautiful and fitting.

for design's sake {sandi} said...

Hello lady! We met at the CDB event a few weeks ago. It was so awesome to meet you! I just read this post and it made me so happy to hear about your husband, and his Waterloo show. (my family lives in Waterloo!) Is he playing any shows soon? In the city? I'd love to check out a show with some friends sometime. :) Cheers!