Handmade Suite Henry

This past Saturday, I had the immense pleasure of attending the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup. It was a night of good food, good conversation and a lot of "so that's you! I've been wondering what you'd be like." This is what happens when online communities get together in 3D! It was really great to get to know some people I've read before and to meet other new bloggers.

It did occur to me earlier in the week (umm, like Thursday) that I might need tangible cards to hand out with my blog information. So knowing that there was no way I could get anything printed (anywhere) in two and a half days, I picked up some nice and heavy cardstock and decided to tackle them by hand and typewriter. Word to the wise, never never convince yourself that using an exacto knife to cut paper will be accurate or worth the time. You'll spend so much time correcting slightly slanted lines and slowly eat away at perfectly good cards. 

I used my Suite Henry stamps for the front of the cards and my trusty typewriter to jot down my information on the back. At first, I was just going to do a simple, suitehenry stamp on the front and call it a day but out of imperfections came inspiration. After a few botched attempts, I started to stamp repeatedly on the front of the cards and produced a really chaotic, graphic look. I'm a sucker for repetition and bold design so this was right up my alley. Each card was different and original.
My humble efforts were rewarded when they were well-received by the lovely group on Saturday. Bonus points to all the people who noticed the quality of the paper. I think I found some new friends ;)

P.S. that last shot is of a vintage bag I found years ago that conveniently had a card holder. I could keep my purse closed while leaving the pockette out, keeping the cards accessible - which helped as I tried to juggle a drink, hors d'oeuvres and shaking hands.


Daniella said...

I love your card! And the paper too ;)

La Merceria said...

It was lovely meeting, your card was one of my favorites!