Books - What are you reading?

I have been getting back into reading lately. 
Let me clarify that. I actually spend a lot of time reading every day. At any given moment I have my blogs open, a magazine or a book about whatever topic I'm researching for myself. I tend to read in cycles. I'll read only non-fiction for months. Or I'll be in the middle of three novels and it will take me a few months to realize I can't even remember where I am in the first one. But lately I have been making the effort to read some great fiction. And stick to it.

My sister-in-law has been great about recommending some books. I've found it nice to just commit myself to whatever book she suggests. It's almost like being back in high school and having to read whatever is on the reading this. And it's not that I can't find these books myself but I'm usually reading so many other things that I go temporarily blank when I try to find something new to read. My favorite as of late? Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Above are some images of magnificent book jackets by illustrator Andy Smith.
Spotted here.

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