New Month, New Season

We had a busy weekend. 
Lots of family and lots of driving.
My husband has been teaching me to drive and this Saturday, I went on the highway for the first time - and didn't freak out! It was actually pretty good!
I did, however, have a slight freak out when I found myself in the booth of a ferris wheel. The very ride I convinced Chris to go on with me. I swore the ten buck fee each would be worth it. As the ride kept climbing, I totally lost it. And not for any good reason either. It wasn't going very fast or anything. I just kept panicking. But then I stopped panicking and just enjoyed the ride. It was weird. 

On another note, yesterday I wore shorts for what I think may be the last time this summer. It was not warm at all! 
It's over, people!

September inspiration image from Paperfinger.

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