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A few months ago, I had the supreme pleasure of whipping up some custom business cards for a great friend of mine. She left to go out east for the summer, working her creative design magic on a wonderful hostel, Skerwink Hostel, in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. The hostel is geared at a younger crowd but that didn't mean the owners wanted juvenile interiors. They commissioned Cambie Design to bring together a look that was thoughtful and whimsical while staying true to its coastal location.
I have been watching the projects develop all summer - you can check them out here! It's been such a treat to see Camille's creativity keep growing. She constantly surprises me with her fresh and clever ideas.

The blind impression
Hand-mixed ink
The inspiration

But back to the beginning of June. I worked on the cards above one night, literally between work and getting ready to leave town for one week. It was a bit of a rush job because I wanted the plates (for the printing) to be on their way for processing before my vacation so I could come back and print them on the last day I had off before Camille left town. After some brain-storming we ended up landing on the idea of doing a blind (no ink) impression on one side and her contact info on the other side, done in a pale grey, which was actually inspired by an Essie nailcolour we both bought at the same time in different  cities (weird, right?). I spent an afternoon printing them over at Snap & Tumble's lovely studio. I think they came out beautifully. Simple, chic and I like to think quite special.

Camille tweaked the backs with hand-applied watercolour. She's that good!


t a n y a said...

oooh, the finished product looks amazing - the watercolour makes the cards pop!

also, nice new banner!

Anonymous said...

The all shades are awesome.

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