Weekend Snapshot

This weekend was one of extremes.
Extremely delicious food - and extremely large portions - at a friend's home on friday. Seriously yummy perogies, red cabbage and sausages. I had too much but I can't possibly be blamed because when someone makes you all this food, you have to be "polite" and gobble it all down, right? I'm invoking etiquette as my defense here. 

By Saturday, however, my body was over everything. I have been fighting off a cold for the last couple of weeks but it finally bogged me down. I needed sleep, sleep and more sleep. Sunday, was far more productive than Saturday, thank goodness but I'm still not there one hundred percent. 

I had to show you a gift from my new friend (the same one who made me food!). That lovely pad of paper was picked up for me at the Toronto Zoo. It is actually made from 100% recycled ELEPHANT POO. Apparently, elephants eat a lot of grass each day and poop a lot each day but since they don't necessarily digest all the grass, the fiber-rich poop is very useful. Who knew? 
Check out the company here. I think it's pretty nifty.

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